Immersion heaters – Thermon Caloritech™

Elpro is the sole Norwegian supplier of Caloritech™ electric immersion heaters from Thermon Heating Systems.

Caloritech™ electric immersion heaters, heating elements and heating accessories are well-known in the industry for their quality, reliability, performance and versatility, allowing us to proudly offer the best solutions in the industry.

Additionally, Elpro offers custom designed heating solutions, manufactured and tested to satisfy your specifications.

Immersion heaters: Typical applications

Our immersion heaters are commonly used in tank and pressure vessel heating applications, where maintaining the liquid temperature to a certain controlled set point is required.

Typical applications include antifreeze protection on refueling water storage tanks, oil tanks, fuel-oil tanks, diesel tanks, water tanks, vaporizing vessels and others.

About Caloritech™

Caloritech™ by Thermon Heating Systems features the broadest array of industry-standard heating products for industrial process heating with the most available options on the market.

For any inquiries about Caloritech™ heating solutions or custom-made solutions, please contact our sales representative. We look forward to assist you!

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Contact Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Ola Staverløkk

Sales & Marketing Manager
M: +47 982 37 600