Environmental heaters – Thermon Ruffneck™

Elpro has the pleasure of offering high quality environmental heaters as the Norwegian agent for Ruffneck™ by Thermon Heating Systems.

Our environmental heaters are widely known to be reliable and versatile, making their lifespan long.

Explosion proof environmental heaters

Originally developed in the 70’s, the versatile heavy-duty environmental heaters are explosion-proof, and has been used in the harshest industrial environments worldwide for over thirty years.

The explosion-proof models are suitable for hazardous locations and are available on custom order.


Our heaters are designed for rugged industrial applications and can be used with a variety of heat transfer fluids such as;

  • steam
  • circulating hot water
  • glycol heating systems

And in liquid cooling applications – including flash stream condensers, lube oil coolers, pump seal coolers and more.

Ruffneck™ products are highly compatible with our other Thermon Heating Systems, Caloritech Immersion Heaters and Norseman Convection Heaters.

Whether you`re in the need of an environmental heater or the explosion-proof models, please contact our sales representative so we can give you the best assistance. We look forward to helping you!

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Contact Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Ola Staverløkk

Sales & Marketing Manager
M: +47 982 37 600
E: ola.staverlokk@elpro.no