Switchboards in Turkey: Elpro delivers to pioneering green shift ships

Four ships are currently built at Tersan Yard in Turkey, for the Norwegian shipping company Havila Voyages. Elpro is responsible for designing, manufacturinging and commissioning the switchboards on board – and our highly skilled service engineers have just returned from the Yard after commissioning the switchboards on the two first ships.

Elpro engineers Tord Langeland and Vegard Storås visited the Turkish Yard to commission the first two of the four ships that are currently being built. When the ships arrive at the Norwegian coast, they will be sailing in route between Bergen and Kirkenes. The complete propulsion system has been delivered by Norwegian Electric Systems, and Elpro supplied both the main switchboards and emergency switchboards, as we have done in many earlier collaborations.

See pictures from our visit to the Yard:

Green coastal route

When in operation along the Norwegian coast, the Havila ships will be a symbol of the green shift of the cruise and shipping industry. No ship in the world carry a larger battery package, and our extensive experience with battery solutions and main switchboards with high power have been crucial in the project. Among many other profiled projects, we delivered what was the largest low voltage systems of its time to Grand Canyon II, II and III. We have also delivered main switchboards to both new builds and refurbishment projects with battery packs on board.

The batteries contribute to a steadier load on the main engine, and thus lower the fuel consumption substantially. In particularly vulnerable environments the ships can be operated exclusively by battery for up to four hours, excluding all emissions in the same period.

In addition, the Havila ships are designed and built for high-capacity shore power charging, and the main engine runs on natural gas.